Getting Started

Using GPSRoadie is very easy. Turn on the phone's location, select which of your contacts will get the alerts, then turn on protection.

That's it. That phone will now protect whatever it is inside of.

Change Settings to Turn on Location

Go to phone's Settings

Scroll down and open Location Settings

Turn on Location and click Mode

Choose "High accuracy"

Using the GPSRoadie App

To get started, add one or more contacts by clicking "Contacts".

Adding a Contact

The Contacts Screen is where you add the people you want to be notified if the protected phone is moved. You can also send a message to your group of contacts.

Enabling Protection

The Protect screen shows the device's current location and the protection status (on or off).

To turn on protection, first wait for the phone to get a fix on the location. The timer is set to 1 minute updates for a good mix of accuracy and to reduce battery drain.

After the location is set, click "Turn On Protection". Put the phone screen to sleep and place inside object you want protected (instrument case, van, trailer).

To turn off protection, long click "Turn Off Protection".

How to Test the Phone With GPSRoadie

To test GPSRoadie, you can use the phone with the app installed as the contact number, enable protection and move to a different location. The app should message your phone.

Please let us know how the app worked on your phone by using our contact page. Let us know the phone model, the OS version, and your thoughts on the app.

Thanks and rock on.