Music Instrument Protection and Stolen Instrument Recovery

This Summer, Protect Your Gear

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GPSRoadie protects your instruments using smartphones' GPS and cellular location technologies. A GPSRoadie enabled phone can protect instruments, tour vans and tour trailers simply by turning on the app and placing it inside.

Using an inexpensive smartphone with GPSRoadie is the cheapest and easiest way to get true GPS and cellular location protection for your gear. You have a much greater chance of getting your gear back when you know where it is.

GPSRoadie also helps recover stolen instruments by broadcasting stolen alerts to all musicians using the app.

Instant Virtual Fence Protection

Enabling GPSRoadie creates a virtual fence around that smartphone.

Placing the smartphone in an instrument case, tour van or tour trailer will now protect that.

Instant Alert Messages

If that smartphone leaves the virtual fence area, messages are immediately sent to the contacts alerting them that the item is being moved with a link to the current location on Google maps.

Continuous Location Updates

Location updates are sent every 60 seconds, letting you keep track of where your gear is, and giving you a much greater chance of getting your gear back.

Stolen Alert Notifications

GPSRoadie also helps the music community by publicizing instrument thefts. The alerts are from Screaming Stone, the free web service that for 8 years has been helping musicians get back their stolen instruments.

Community of Musicians Helping Each Other

Every year, millions of instruments are stolen from musicians who have little chance of getting them back. We can change that by giving a way to protect instruments and spread stolen alerts throughout the music community.

Let's keep the gear in the hands of the musicians.

Rock on.

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